tilting shower chair
When it comes to hygiene within hospitals and aged care facilities, the usage of tilting shower chairs and similar types of patient hygiene equipment is an important part of it. Without it the risk of injuries, disease and discomfort become much higher and can create a lot of problems within these faculties. Not only that but the potential risks exposed rises exponentially when caretakers no longer have access to such important equipment is important to keep in mind. 

Just a tilting shower chair helps reduce the amount of stress and strain put on caretakers' bodies and makes the task of keeping up hygiene much easier. It simply makes th​​​e daily task of bathing or showering a more pleasant experience for all parties involved. So where do you purchase hygiene equipment such as tilting shower chair?

Hygiene equipment

TR Equipment manufacture tilting shower chairs and other hygiene equipment for aged care facilities and hospitals, focusing on delivering high quality equipment that's both safe, simple to use and functional. All at a low-cost of ownership. With their shower chair you'll have a much easier time moving patients and elderly around to the bathroom as needed. 

Of course, it is also designed to allow toileting without much fuzz and all their products offer various functions that's sure to help make daily tasks much easier. Thanks to durability the cost of ownership can remain low and makes it an even more worthwhile investment for any hospital or aged care facility.​